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Hanging Signs
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Hanging Signs


Hanging signs have been an effective tool in advertising since the 16th century, and even until now, they remain to be a popular choice among business owners. Why? It’s simple. They work!

custom projecting storefront sign

Hanging signs are created to increase visibility for motorists and pedestrians passing by a building or establishment. Usually installed perpendicular to the building, hanging signs are an give your business as well as your services an easy introduction to passersby. They’re simple, effective, and of course, affordable.

ImageTEK Signs & Graphics is a trusted local signage provider that specializes in producing signs with maximum impact. We have a team of graphic designers who help our clients pick the font types, font sizes, font colors, sign layout, and overall sign design that can give hanging signs the appeal needed to catch attention even from a distance.

The signs that ImageTEK Signs & Graphics produces are custom-made for your business, your brand, and your budget. This is why we have a wide selection of materials that you can choose from to create your own personalized hanging sign. From sign frames, panels, ceiling brackets, wall mounts, and even lighting kits, we have what you need.

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Projecting Signs and Brackets

custom projecting sign

Projecting signs and brackets by ImageTEK Signs & Graphics are a great choice for those looking for a sign that displays a sense of permanence and stability. Projecting signs and brackets are the rigid version of hanging signs—they don’t swing with the wind, but they stand out and give your business visibility just the same.

Our array of sign materials should give you more than enough options for projection sign ideas. Ornate iron brackets paired with wooden panels give your sign a classic feel, while minimalist brackets coupled with PVC foam board give your brand a clean and modern look.

ImageTEK Signs & Graphics has spent many years customizing signs for numerous clients, so we are confident that we can design, produce, and install the sign that speaks your brand, promotes your identity, and fits your budget.

Hanging Blade Signs That Stand Out

attractive custom hanging signs

Many might think that hanging blade signs are just for inns or hostels but, with the right design and materials, they might be the perfect for your business as well. They’ve been used, and found effective, for centuries after all.

Hanging blade signs created by ImageTEK Signs & Graphics are all custom-made for each of our clients. They are designed to attract the attention of the target market, and then lead them into the establishment. With the many sign materials that we have access to, our in-house graphic designers and signage specialists have the resources and inspiration to provide you with the sign design to truly represent your brand.

We also take pride in the durability of our products. By using only premium materials such as timber, cast polyurethane, PVC, aluminum, iron, steel, fiberglass, etc., ImageTEK Signs & Graphics’s hanging blade signs will surely stay effective for a long time.

Indoor Hanging Signs

indoor hanging directional sign

Hanging signs aren’t just for the outdoors; indoor hanging signs can be just as impactful and effective. When designed and installed right, indoor hanging signs give your brand identity some consistency while providing necessary information to your customers. They can be both promotional and directional.

If course, it’s important that you partner with an experienced professional signage provider like ImageTEK Signs & Graphics in order to get the most effective signage for the most reasonable price. We at ImageTEK Signs & Graphics are proud of our manpower, access to premium sign materials, state-of-the-art equipment, marketing expertise, and years experience in creating high quality indoor hanging signs.

Full-Service Sign Company

hanging exterior storefront sign

ImageTEK Signs & Graphics has successfully handled projects with numerous clients over the past years, and we know how important it is for business owners to receive the exact sign that they need. We are passionate about doing that for you as well. We have talented graphic designers who can work closely with you as you discuss your brand identity and select which sign design and type suits it the best.

Once we have the design phase covered, we can then hand you over to our team of experienced local signage experts who can guide you through careful material selection, meticulous sign production, and hassle-free installation.

Free Hanging Signs Consultation

Hanging signs have been used as advertising tools for centuries because they’re effective in getting more people inside an establishment. But they’re only highly effective if they’re done right and done smartly. This is why ImageTEK Signs & Graphics exists. We are committed to sharing our knowledge and expertise to give both businesses and customers a great experience.

We’d love to tell you about how our hanging signs can give your business a boost!

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