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Paramus Outdoor Signs


ImageTek Signs & Graphics is your single destination in Paramus for all of your outdoor signage solutions, creating impactful and attractive signs for businesses, organizations, political groups, shopping centers, and more.

Attractive Exterior Signs for Business

Hanging Sign

High-quality storefront signage highlights your brand and lets your customers know that you are open for business. From post & pole signs and monument signs to storefront signs and awning signs, we can create the professional image you want to project to your potential visitors.

We design attractive, high-visibility signs and graphics that represent your organization and let your potential customers know what you are all about. Whatever your signage needs, we are here to help!

Full-Service Outdoor Sign Company

Custom Monument SignImageTek Signs & Graphics offers a complete selection of outdoor signs for businesses. We work with you throughout the entire sign creation process, from initial consultation through installation, to ensure that your outdoor signage is reflective of your brand, cohesive with existing marketing, and sets your business apart from your competitors. Worried about local regulations, permitting, or city codes? We handle that, too, so you never have to worry that your signage won’t be compliant with local ordinances. We are committed to being the only sign resource you will ever need, which is why we produce everything from interior signs to vehicle wraps to complement your outdoor signage.

Business Storefront Signs

Storefront Signs Account for 46% of Walk-In BusinessThere are many different options for storefront signs, and the right sign for your business will depend on many factors, such as your location and structure, local signage regulations, and your specific desires. We work within these parameters to provide you with the best options for your storefront signage, so you know exactly what you will get before we ever begin production. Once production is completed, our expert installers can make sure that your sign is properly secured and all electrical connections safely handled. Your storefront is the face of your business, and your storefront sign should be a bright, inviting smile on that face.

Standard & Lighted Storefront Signs

Paramus Outdoor Signs channel6This is our most popular business exterior signage option. Standard storefront signs typically consist of channel letters with or without backlighting. Channel letter signs are created by manufacturing each individual cut metal raised element or letter for installation onto a secure frame, spelling out your business name, slogan, and can include your logo. With a variety of colors, sizes, fonts, and styles available, we can create the perfect custom storefront sign to match your brand and promote your business.

Neon Signs

Custom LED Neon SignsLooking for a wow-factor to really catch the eye of any passerby? Then a Neon Sign may be the right choice for you! Neon signs are ideal for nightclubs, theaters, and specialty shops looking to make a big impact. The retro-feel of a neon sign lets your customers know that you are funky, unique, and original- just like your sign! We now have the technology to produce signs with a neon feel, but constructed from high-quality, long-lasting LED Bulbs instead of a traditional neon gas. This provides the feel of a neon sign without the maintenance!

Canopy & Awning Signs

Canopy Sign/ Awning Sign StorefrontCanopy Signs are ideal for businesses such as boutiques, salons, and shopping centers in Paramus, NJ that desire a cohesive feel. A canopy or awning sign consists of stretched canvas with your logo and/or business name printed directly onto the fabric in your choice of color, font, size, and style. Our design experts can provide samples of our high-quality materials so you will know exactly what you are getting prior to production.

Wood Signs & Stone Signs

Custom Wood SignLooking for a original, rustic feel sign to advertise your business? Custom wood or stone signs may be the right choice for you. Wood signs create a traditional vibe, reminiscent of the old west, while stone signs represent longevity. Use of these types of signs can send a very distinct message about your business. We can help you determine which of these sign options may be best for your particular needs.

Pole Signs

Custom Pole SignLooking to make a big impact from far away? A pole sign may be the right choice for you! Pole signs are typically placed in a location that provides visibility from a good distance away, such as are commonly used by gas stations, restaurants, and shopping centers. We can even create pole signs for business parks that include all of the businesses located within the center for maximum draw and consistency.

Post & Panel Signs

Custom Post & Panel SignSimilar to a pole sign, these are smaller versions that often assist with wayfinding/directional signage, or may be used as a logo sign at a business entrance. Post and panel signs are exactly what you would imagine upon hearing their name. They utilize one or two posts that hold a panel advertising a company’s contact information, logo, brand, slogan, or product and service information. They are great for customizing with your individual look.

Monument Signs & Tenant Signs

Custom Monument SignMonument signs are freestanding signs, typically made of stone or concrete, that are typically placed near the entrance of a large business center, such as a university, business park, hospital, industrial plant, or other complexes.

These signs are large and in charge, showcasing your professionalism, and letting visitors know exactly what they can expect to find within your facilities. If you are a multi-unit complex, then this is a great way to display all of the businesses that can be found within your complex. Tenant Signs typically feature the logos and/or names of the businesses that reside within the center.

Address Signs

Custom Address SignAn address sign is an essential piece of exterior signage that will help current and prospective consumers locate you. These signs are usually large, precise, and often illuminated for broader visibility. We have many options for displaying your business address prominently on your building, including cut stone brick address signs, channel letter addresses, and more. Our designers will work with you to create an address sign that is attractive, professional, and cohesive with your building style and existing signage.

Outdoor Promotional Signage

Whatever your event or occasion, we have the signage you need to promote it all over Northern NJ! Our selection of outdoor promotional signs is ideal for businesses, schools, churches, realtors, political campaigns, and more.

Our Promotional Sign Products Include:


We can assist with all components of outdoor promotional signage, including a Free Consultation to help identify exactly what sign products are best suited to your needs.

Free Consultation with an Exterior Sign Specialist

If you are looking for a professionally designed and installed outdoor sign to promote your Paramus business, we are here for you every step of the way.

Call ImageTEK Signs & Graphics today at (201) 351-8755 for a Free Consultation with one of our Exterior Sign Specialists!