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Design Services

Full-Service Graphic Design

Allow us to help you with your graphic design needs! We are a full-service custom sign and graphics company that specializes in leaving our clients with a lasting impression of our premium products, and superior standard of service.

Do you need help turning your ideas into a marketing reality? Do you have an image you would like to use to create a company logo or to create business cards, banner, or other signage? We have top of the line printing technology and techniques, and an expert design team that would be happy to transform your concepts into marketing tools to increase the exposure of your business. Gone is the day when cardboard and plastic ruled the advertisement industry. Modern day marketing tools like signs or graphics are made from high-quality components with fresh designs!

Logo Design

Are you looking for a new logo design? Do you have an idea that you would like conceptualized into a high impact logo? We have an expert design team on hand that will assist you in the development of a custom logo that compliments your business’s location, setting, aesthetic, and brand. A logo designed specifically for your company will leave a lasting impression in the minds of prospective customers that see it. This will build your business brand, and guarantee a wider range of exposure!

We have a design team on hand that will assist you in the development of your logo design. Choose from an array of custom color combinations, stylized fonts, borders, and high-resolution graphics made with an exceptional color gamut. The final product will be an investment that takes your company to the next level.

Business Card Design

A great company starts with effective products and services. However, this only gets you as far as the people you are providing these to. In order to get the momentum your business needs, widening your range of exposure is essential. There are many marketing tools available for this need, but none are as convenient as a business card.

A business card can be the difference between a forgotten conversation, and a customer call back. No matter where you are, if the situation permits, you can leave more than just a memorable impression with prospective customers. A hard-copy marketing tool with contact details and your brand can be the push that is needed to get new clientele from any location!

Customize your cards with a large assortment of design options catered to your brand. Choose from stylized fonts, creative color combinations, and even your custom logo. The key is in the details we get from your free consultation. We will correlate the concept you have in mind into a business card reality!

Brochure Design

A brochure is one of the best forms of quick advertisement that can pack a β€œpunch” of information in a small package. These are common with many different types of industries, including commercial, government agencies, churches, and educational. These are only a few of the organizations that can benefit from these effective products.

Brochures are made in many sizes, shapes, and variations to fit the specific goals of the customer. Our design team is on hand to help you find what best suits your particular needs. By filling a brochure with relevant high-resolution images and detailed information, you are giving the opportunity for a prospect to become a customer!

Do you have an upcoming event or trade show? Would you like to promote a new service or product? Utilize a marketing tool that is efficient and cost effective! Brochures are a fundamental part of any marketing campaign, and we are happy to help you fabricate a successful one!

Free Graphic Design Consultation

Need assistance creating the perfect design for your logo, sign, business card, brochure, or other print or digital medium?

Call ImageTEK Signs & Graphics at (201) 351-8755 for a Free Consultation with an Expert Graphic Designer.