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Hawthorne Wall Murals
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Hawthorne Wall Murals


ImageTEK Signs & Graphics is one of the most reputable Hawthorne providers of high-quality and attractive murals and graphics.

Hawthorne Wall Murals wall graphic 300x218Contrary to belief, murals and graphics are not graffiti but can be a unique hallway into the history of a business adding excitement to a dull wall. It can also be an exciting aspect of a business adding color and vivaciousness to a boring setting where you can proudly display a brand logo.

Regardless of the size, purpose, or placement of the mural – our ImageTEK Signs & Graphics is able to design, manufacture, and professionally install the ideal vinyl wall murals, stickers or graphics for your needs. If you have a specific mural design in mind or are looking at a blank space that could be better utilized, our experienced specialists are able to transform the walls of your company into a business-related brand-building work of art.

Call ImageTEK Signs & Graphics today at (201) 351-8755 for a free consultation with a Wall Mural Specialist!

Complete Design Control

Hawthorne Wall Murals Merch I 1 300x155Our ImageTEK Signs & Graphics produces customized wall murals that are specific to the business’ branding and setting. Using durable vinyl materials, the team is able to develop attractive graphics with lettering that can display any message you are trying to share with consumers. For example, you may want a breath-taking landscape or a short historic picture – our company is able to provide all these services are more.

Are you concerned that you may change your mind halfway through the project? That’s fine with us! ImageTEK Signs & Graphics uses removable murals that can be taken down at any point without damaging the wall and allowing the project manager to fit a new design. You have complete design control throughout the situation and will be able to make changes whenever you wish to do so.

Full-Service Wall Vinyl Company

Hawthorne Wall Murals lobby sign 1 300x225Some people know they want a wall mural, but do not have an idea in mind. Our experienced Hawthorne designers are able to create a perfect graphic concept for you. In fact, the team will handle all steps and assist you in designing the mural with installation once it has been manufactured. If required, we can perform on-site evaluations to identify the dimensions of the walls and create a mural that will fit perfectly.

Professional Vinyl Wall Mural Installer

While vinyl murals can be self-installed, it is high recommended that you use a professional vinyl installation technician to place artwork for the smoothest finish and best results. Smaller graphics do not always present with issues; however, larger sheets of vinyl can be difficult to work with typically showing rips, bubbles and creases. When working with ImageTEK Signs & Graphics, our professionals will be able to deal with any issues that could arise. Unfortunately, if you damage the vinyl mural during a self-installation, we will not be able to uphold any guarantee making professional installation of the larger format a must.

Free Wall Mural Consultation

The Hawthorne team at ImageTEK Signs & Graphics is dedicated to their clients providing outstanding support and products. Our overall goal is to become a ‘go to’ service for all company signage requirements. With a plethora of products and services, ImageTEK Signs & Graphics ensures that your business will always look attractive, professional, and prepared to assist current and potential consumers. To discover all these features, it is recommended that you ImageTEK Signs & Graphics at (201) 351-8755 for a free consultation with a vinyl wall mural specialist.

Call ImageTEK Signs & Graphics at (201) 351-8755 for a Free Consultation with a Wall Mural Expert!