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Door Signs
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Door Signs


Door signs can be excellent tools for brand promotion and business visibility. In order for them to effectively do this, though, they have to have creative designs, premium materials, as well as strategic placement.

custom vinyl door signs

With its competent team of signage specialists and graphic artists, ImageTEK Signs & Graphics can give you beautiful door signs so that you can showcase the quality of your services to people even before they enter your establishment.

ImageTEK Signs & Graphics has been in the sign-making business for a long time now, and one thing we’ve learned is that door signs aren’t all about catching attention, it’s also important that they effectively carry out their functions such as giving business information and guiding customers as they navigate the facility.

And you don’t have to worry about branding because we’ve got a wide variety of sign materials that you can choose from. Depending on your brand identity and budget, you can have perforated film, aluminum nameplates, aluminum sliders, laminated vinyl, or die-cut decals. ImageTEK Signs & Graphics is excited to help give your business a professional look through appealing door signs.

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Attract Potential Customers

custom vinyl door graphics

Exterior signage is one of the most effective ways of catching a new customer’s attention. Impress them with a professional door sign custom-crafted to suit your brand personality and style. Appealing door signs make it easier for potential customers to spot and remember your business, as well as understand what you can do for them.

Whether it’s your business logo, important information, or business details, door signs by ImageTEK Signs & Graphics can tell your potential customers and visitors a lot about your business. Customers can see your professionalism as well as the effort you put in ensuring their comfort and convenience.

Hours of Operation Signs

custom hours of operation signs

Your customers deserve convenience, and ImageTEK Signs & Graphics can help you give that to them through creative, durable door signs that display your hours of operation.

When potential customers pass by your business, usually look for your hours of operations. If you have this information right at your door, potential customers can just take a look and decide if they should go inside or schedule an appointment at a later date.

Door signs by ImageTEK Signs & Graphics can include temporary information about operation hours using temporary vinyl lettering or vinyl graphics. These include holiday closures and holiday hours.

ADA-Compliant Signage

ADA Compliant Signage

Having been a trusted local signage provider, ImageTEK Signs & Graphics has the knowledge and experience in producing and installing signs that comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA) Standards for Accessible Design. We deliver custom-made door signage that meet what the law requires, whether it concerns visual and tactile characters or braille.

Our team of sign specialists also ensure that your door signage is positioned and installed in accordance with the ADA standards. We are committed to helping you serve your customers, staff, and visitors better.

Licensing/Business Information Signs

custom business door signs and graphics

Door signage is also helpful in showing customers your business’s perks, features, licenses, certifications, or business information. And with ImageTEK Signs & Graphics’s help, you can get as creative at it as you’d like.

At ImageTEK Signs & Graphics, you can choose from a variety of materials such as wood, brass, acrylic, vinyl, aluminum, and plastic. And our team of graphic artists can help you choose the ideal size, font type, font color, layout, and overall design that would be most effective in advertising and promoting what your business can offer.

Room Identification Signage

room identification signs

Give your customers and visitors a positive experience as they navigate through your facility. Attractive room identification signs by ImageTEK Signs & Graphics are great for giving your guests, customers, visitors, and staff an easy time knowing where they can go and where they can’t.

By indicating what customers can expect to find on the other side of a door, everyone would know if they’re at the right door or not, and if they’re even allowed in a room or not. This is ideal for facilities such as hospitals, schools, warehouses, and other establishments where customers need to be kept out of certain areas.

Free Door Signs Consultation

It’s amazing what effective door signage can do for your business. Attractive and informative exterior door signage has the potential to Increase foot traffic and get more footfall in your establishments. ADA and room ID signs can also give your customers a convenient and positive experience by helping them know where they are and where to go next.

With ImageTEK Signs & Graphics, you can get customized, long-lasting, and tastefully designed door signs for your establishment. Interested? Just give us a call and we can have one of our senior sign specialists discuss how ImageTEK Signs & Graphics can help you.

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