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Custom Banners
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Custom Banners


ImageTEK Signs & Graphics is at the forefront of creating vinyl banners that you need to promote your brand, trade stall or special event. Our experienced team will make it easier for you to select the right banner for your business with a wide variety of size and material options.

Custom Banners banner10 300x225Are you searching for a storefront banner, indoor sale banner, tradeshow banner, tabletop retractable banner, outdoor banner, and or any other custom-made banner? If so, ImageTEK Signs & Graphics has the expertise to provide the right vinyl banner to accomplish your goals. We work with your company to handle every aspect of your banner creation process. In fact, our team will ensure that your banner design is eye-catching, attractive, and convey your message clearly.

Call ImageTEK Signs & Graphics today at (201) 351-8755 for a Free Consultation with a Banner Expert!

Promotional Banners

Custom Banners IMG 0717 300x200Banners are usually used for numerous purposes. Business promotion is a popular use of these banners. Such banners are used in and outdoors to attract customers to your business or direct them to your business premises. Retractable and hanging banners are most commonly used indoors for tradeshows while vinyl banners are used outdoors.

ImageTEK Signs & Graphics knows the importance of quality banners to accomplish your business goals. These banners should be professionally designed and installed for this purpose. We are a local signage company that can design the best promotional banner for your business.

Banner Support Structure

Custom Banners Event Flag Sign promotional sign outdoor banner 300x225You need the appropriate support structure to display your banner. An external support structure such as a banner stand or a grommet is the ideal component in this regard. Sometimes, the banner may require both of these structures. Our team will discuss how you plan to use and place the banner before we accept your order. That is where our free consultation session comes in handy. In fact, we have many options to display your banner, and we are happy to discuss these options during the consultation session. Step into our local signage shop to view samples of various banner materials and support structures.

Full-Service Signage Company

Custom Banners banner 3 300x225ImageTEK Signs & Graphics deals with all aspects of banner designing. If the banner includes a stand to display it, our team will show you how to assemble the stand and banner so that you don’t become frustrated when trying to set up the banner. We will also assist in installing the banners if you have hanging or large format banners.

Free Banner Expert Consultation

ImageTEK Signs & Graphics helps create some of the best promotional banners in the industry. This will help you achieve all your business goals. We have the expertise to design and install single banners or any type of banner that you need for outdoor, indoor, tradeshow, and business event promotions.

Call ImageTEK Signs & Graphics today at (201) 351-8755 for a Free Consultation with a Banner Expert!