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Projecting Signs
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Projecting Signs

A projecting sign is a piece of exterior sign that extends away from the building for a greater range of visibility. These signs are most commonly mounted above a storefront, and give a magnitude of customizing options. Are you looking to build your business brand? Incorporate your logo into your projecting sign with cohesive colors, complimenting borders, and stylized fonts. The final result will be a sign that perfectly fits the aesthetic of your facility and the needs of your business.

One of the best decisions you can make for a growing company is to advertise with exterior signage. By increasing the lasting impressions made with a sign that makes a high impact, you are ensuring your company has a wider range of prospective consumers to utilize your services!

Free Consultation with a Projecting Sign Specialist

Make your brand stand out with an attractive, high-quality projecting storefront sign.

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